I am an Architect, Designer, Photographer and Artist living in London since seven years. Quite a while I would say and the lucky number. I enjoy everything which has anything to do with being creative. Recently I've rented out studio space in Hackney the area where I live so I can do more of the thing I enjoy the most - painting.

My paintings are all about feelings and are usually based on my own experience, dreams or the things which move my heart. Some say to understand them you need to know me - that's why I started to write a book - it is in Polish since this is my mother tounge - you can check it out on my Blog if you like but to read more you'll need an invatation since this is very private stuff. Just email me and I'll be happy to add you to the list.

My photography is not like you would expect it to be from the architect. I have an eye for a detail which usually goes un-noticed. Place the matchbox car in front of Notre Dame and you will not see a single picture of the famous cathedral. I use the old canon 20d with a bunch of manual lenses as well as the small panasonic gf1 which is a perfect companion for it's bigger older brother.

Thank you for looking and enjoy the site!